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This is the test results page

Colouring-in Drawing Doodling Visiting galleries Watching nature Choosing colours for painting rooms / wallpaper / furniture

An Artist is one of the basic, single-type Play Personas. He or she loves to observe or create beauty in the world. An artist derives pleasure from creating – whether that’s building a structure from just the right selection of Lego, or life-drawing in charcoal. If you’re an artist, you might also enjoy going to galleries, listening to music, or watching a gorgeous sunset.

Gathering pretty objects Bottle-collecting Drawing (particularly around a theme) Collecting art

A Researcher is a play persona combining Artist and Collector. With a passion for both beauty and organising, a researcher may seek to have a complete set of attractive objects. He or she may enjoy seeking out items – for example through scouring flea markets or antiques shops. For a researcher the hunt for objects is just as important as having them – but then, having them is also as important as the hunt!

Organising new games Creating escape rooms Origami Pop-up books Lego

An Architect is a play persona combining Artist, Director and Explorer. An architect loves to plan and lead the execution of grand, innovative plans. Play-wise they'd love to create an escape room unlike any other, and watch their friends enjoying it. With the varied interests of their three personalities, architects have eclectic interests in the arts, travel and leadership.
array(3) { [0]=> string(8) "Swimming" [1]=> string(8) "Swimming" [2]=> string(22) "improv and Nordic Larp" }

Refereeing Conducting music Directing theatre Directing films Dungeon-master

A Director is a basic, single-type Play Persona. A director loves to be in charge, and are frequently natural-born leaders. While on occasion they can tip over into being controlling, a director is a great person to have around. They'll be the one who wants to organise play activities, set up friends to meet one another, and loves to be able to sit back and watch their plan come together.

Treasure-hunts Travel Trying new cuisines

An Explorer is a basic, single-type Play Persona. Motivated by a sense of adventure, an explorer likes to discover new things. That could be new music, always looking for the latest (though not necessarily the greatest) band. They often love travel - and the more unusual and different from their normal experience the better.

Conducting music Technical drawing Leading building

A Conductor is a Type-Two Play Persona, combining Artist and Director. They love to enable others to express themselves. A Conductor often wants to create bigger artworks than they can do alone, so enlists those around them to help. Frequently, the results are far greater than without a Conductor, but those that follow should remember that they, too, should express their own creativity in making the communal work!

Playing music Visiting cathedrals Reading Composing

A Musician is a Type-Two Play Persona, combining Artist and Explorer. A musician loves to explore and create, and will frequently be just as interested in trying out new looks and techniques than getting the perfect, beautiful results.
array(9) { [0]=> string(4) "Swim" [1]=> string(8) "dancing " [2]=> string(8) "dancing " [3]=> string(15) "Hide & seek tag" [4]=> string(7) "Drawing" [5]=> string(11) "Play acting" [6]=> string(9) "Tinkering" [7]=> string(10) "card games" [8]=> string(6) "Tickle" }

Orienteering Geo-caching

A Pioneer is a Type-Two Play Persona, combining Director and Explorer. A pioneer leads from the front, driving into unchartered territory. They can sometimes lead people astray, but as often as not they're the first to hit upon the next big craze - and so you'll be glad to have a Pioneer around to help you be ahead of the crowd!



Collecting (stamps, bottles, etc.) Visiting sets of places Organising, alphabetising, etc.

A Collector is a basic, type-one Play Persona. A collector, you'll be unsurprised to hear, enjoys collecting. This doesn't necessarily mean physical objects, but could just as easily be experiences. Collectors like to set themselves challenges, and are frequently motivated as much by completeness (visiting every single restaurant in the top 100!) as by the experience itself. They may also like to do something on a daily basis, and are motivated by the need to maintain an unbroken chain.

Sports Gambling Play-fighting Expeditions

A Competitor is a basic, Type-One Play Persona. Motivated by an urge to do one better - often than themselves rather than other - a competitor enjoys all forms of competition. For a pure competitor, nothing is more important than winning a game or challenge - and they can get frustrated when others don't seem to be taking it seriously. A competitor is a great person to have on your side, and you can be certain they'll go the extra mile to ensure your team wins.

Comedy Practical jokes Puns Play-acting Surreal play Colour runs

A Joker is a basic, Type-One Play Persona. A joker loves to muck around, and frequently resists rules and constraints. They'll be the one who relishes chaos and the unexpected. They can be difficult to have around if you're a stickler for rules - but they can probably teach you a thing or two about letting go of your preconceived ideas of how play should unfold, and encourage you to go with the flow!
array(3) { [0]=> string(5) "Slime" [1]=> string(19) "playing group games" [2]=> string(9) "Bouncing " }

Trampolining Running Tumbling Yoga

A Kinesthete is a basic, Type-One Play Persona. A kinesthete loves to move. Never happier than when their attention is on their body, they enjoy any physical activity that gets the blood pumping. Kinesthetes may enjoy sports for the experience more than the competition - and simply want to take movement to its furthest possible extent.
array(1) { [0]=> string(5) "Dance" }

Writing Lecturing Sharing experiences Imagining Role-Playing

A Storyteller is a basic, Type-One Play Persona. Enjoying sharing their experience (though not necessarily using words) a storyteller often uses play to form memories as much as for the experience itself. They love to imagine - and to share the product of their imaginings with their fellow travellers. On occasion this can tend towards storytellers seeming a little distant from the action, but be reassured that this is just them storing up information to relate back later!
array(1) { [0]=> string(19) "Just fooling around" }

Poetry slams Art competitions Jenga Hack-a-thons

An Exhibitionist is a Type-Two Play Persona, combining Artist and Competitor. As the name suggests, an exhibitionist is a natural show-off. They like to create things and share them (loudly!) with the world. While this can, on occasion, be annoying, they are also the ones that work hard to ensure that creative endeavour is valued by the world at large. Exhibitionists often also enjoy competition of a creative nature - whether that be poetry slams or seeing who can produce the most valuable artwork.

Nonsense poetry Creating abstract art Colouring in... while ignoring the lines Building elegant practical jokes Trompe l'oeil art

A Surrealist is a Type-Two Play Persona, combining Artist and Joker. A surrealist loves to challenge perceptions, and presents a view of the world that is at odds with usual expectations. They don't take themselves too seriously - even during the most earnest of creative endeavours - and frequently their words hum with an ambiguity about whether they are really proposing the preposterous things they seem to be. Part of the joy of having the surrealist around is that they love to share their zany view of the world - but for some other personas this can feel a little destabilising.
array(2) { [0]=> string(22) "Making fun with others" [1]=> string(6) " ytcyt" }

Puppetry Dance Large-canvas painting Sculpture Collage

A Puppeteer is a Type-Two Play Persona, combining Artist and Kinesthete. A Puppeteer enjoys creating using their body and their own movement. They may enjoy physical art, dance, as well as sculpture and (of course) puppets. For a Puppeteer, movement is about commenting on the world, and, vice versa, understanding the world is about how we move through it. If you find it tough to understand what a Puppeteer is trying to say, have a go at putting yourself physically into the space they create - see the world from their perspective, and in their shoes.
array(3) { [0]=> string(9) "adventure" [1]=> string(12) " I dont know" [2]=> string(12) " I dont know" }

Creating cartoons / graphic novels Immersive theatre Naturalistic / representative painting

A Cartoonist is a Type-Two Play Persona, combining Artist and Storyteller. For a Cartoonist, creating things is rarely just a practical endeavour. They love to tell stories with their creations, building in narrative, memories and lived experiences. Beauty is less about the aesthetic and more about what it evokes in you, and how it reframes the world from some other perspective. Sometimes you'll want to ask a Cartoonist just to use words to explain what they're thinking - but this is often a mistake. They're eager to tell their story, but you must allow them to do so in their own way.
array(1) { [0]=> string(5) "Dance" }

Gambling Collecting (particularly competitively) Regular activities - yoga, meditation, running, swimming etc.

A Bookie is a Type-Two Play Persona, combining Collector and Competitor. A Bookie is interested in competition not just for the sake of watching a good fight, but also to observe the patterns at play. They might know every statistic related to a sport, or aim to beat their friends to the biggest, most complete collection. A Bookie often persists at a daily practice - whether it's running or meditation - driven by a sense of doing better, and never breaking the chain. Watch out when betting against a Bookie - they'll know every relevant previous game that suggests who's going to win!

Organising Alphabetising Overseeing collections

An Archivist is a Type-Two Play Persona, combining Collector and Director. Never happier than when organising, an Archivist loves order. They're the person you know who has strong opinions on how your clothes should be folded for storage, and can't understand how you can just fling them in the cupboard. They can always find items that they own, and may find it frustrating to be confronted with mysteries. This makes them persistent investigators, and great to have on your side when you want to get to the bottom of a puzzle.
array(4) { [0]=> string(15) "Hosting friends" [1]=> string(14) "Ball with pets" [2]=> string(14) "Hide and seek " [3]=> string(47) "Morning coffees or film nights with my husband " }

Geo-caching Searching for antiques Flea-market scouring Exotic collecting Visiting unusual places, to tick them off

A Treasure-Hunter is a Type-Two Play Persona, combining Collector and Explorer. Ah, the Treasure-Hunter! Most glamorous of play personas! And yet, those who don't follow this calling rarely realise how much hard work goes into it. Extensive research and - yes - much disappointment comes before something is to be found. It is also to be remembered that what counts as treasure for some may be junk for others. A Treasure-Hunter values their collection for itself, not for monetary worth, though frequently rarity plays some part. They also may enjoy travelling to far-flung reaches, as much to tick them off as for the place itself. But the sense of adventure that Treasure-Hunters exude is certainly real!
array(2) { [0]=> string(10) "Boardgames" [1]=> string(15) "Creating things" }

Telling jokes Surreal play Collecting strange items Subtle satire

A Jester is a Type-Two Play Persona, combining Collector and Joker. A Jester is a funny person to have around. They tend to store up jokes and deploy them with regularity. But remember, the Jester has a hidden knack of speaking truth to power, always with a cheeky smile. Jesters might also have quirky habits - collecting an odd category of item, for example. There's probably some method to their madness, but good luck unpicking it!
array(5) { [0]=> string(3) "Sex" [1]=> string(3) "Sex" [2]=> string(3) "Sex" [3]=> string(7) "dancing" [4]=> string(7) "Running" }

Gymnastics Yoga Multiple sports Wide games Playground games

A Gymnast is a Type-Two Play Persona, combining Collector and Kinesthete. A Gymnast is flexible, enjoys movement, and always wanting to find new and different ones. Gymnasts frequently play any number of different sports, or other activities that get them using their body. They're the ones who try every different variety of yoga, always wanting to add new positions to their practice, or who love to play all the different positions in the football team.

Reading Collecting books Editorial work Trying multiple storytelling forms Trying new food

An Editor is a Type-Two Play Persona, combining Collector and Storyteller. They enjoy bringing together different stories and memories, and frequently delight in seeing the comparisons between them. Often Editors are voracious readers, but their thirst for storytelling could easily be found in creative forms - interpretative dance, for example. In fact, Editors might well enjoy lots of different ways of sharing their narrative.
array(4) { [0]=> string(15) "Trying new food" [1]=> string(5) "Dance" [2]=> string(6) "Hiking" [3]=> string(28) "Coffees and films with hubby" }

Setting up challenges Organising competitions Leading teams in, eg, paintball

A One-Upper is a Type-Two Play Persona, combining Competitor and Director. A One-Upper likes to do better than other people, and this can often be a very powerful drive. It shouldn't be assumed that this is in general directed towards negative ends - frequently One-Uppers use this urge to motivate them to contribute in positive, altruistic ways. They can, indeed, be controlling, but are often great leaders, never happy unless their whole team is delivering successfully, and are therefore great to have around (as long as their on your side!)

Adventure holidays Expeditions Travel to unusual places Seeing how far they can push themselves Extreme climbing

A Trail-Blazer is a Type-Two Play Persona, combining Competitor and Explorer. A Trail-Blazer sets out into the jungle, the wild west, the oceans, before anybody else, fuelled by a competitive sense of going where nobody has gone before. They may seem completely 'out there', but follow the Trail-Blazer, because where they go, the rest of humanity could (one day) follow. You may need to rein in a Trail-Blazer... or make the choice to follow them and see where they might lead!

Competitive practical-joking Writing status-quo challenging invective Challenging dry or boring ways of viewing the world

A Satirist is a Type-Two Play Persona, combining Competitor and Joker. A Satirist loves to question, and push back against those that see the world in one particular way. Happy to engage in a lively debate, the Satirist uses wit to challenge standard views. They may be the one staging the biggest, best practical joke, and can be fun to have around. Sometimes they need to reel it in, and Satirists can occasion go to far - a tendency they should try to be aware of, without letting go of their innate power and charm.

Catch Football Running Wrestling Play-fighting Swimming

An Athlete is a Type-Two Play Persona, combining Competitor and Kinesthete. An Athlete is your traditional sportsman or sportswoman, loving play as much for the opportunity to compete as to enjoy physical exercise. Often an Athlete doesn't care about the particular game at hand - they'll pick up a ball and kick it against the wall, wrestle with nearby friends, or run long distances against themselves or others. The attraction to competing and to movement is best kept in balance, so Athletes benefit from being encouraged to focus on both of these, rather than one to the expense of the other.

Poetry slams Short-story competitions Tells tales of bravado Campfire storytelling

A Bragger is a Type-Two Play Persona, combining Competitor and Storyteller. A Bragger loves to tell stories of valour and and victory - particularly their own! Don't be put off, because a Bragger knows how to tell them, and sees the world in terms of the ebbs and flows of human successes and failures. While this can go too far, they may also show their persona through prolific writing or other creative narrative arts, and with that practice can come great expertise.

Practical jokes Questioning standard ways of doing things Setting up challenging situations (in a friendly way)

A Prankster is a Type-Two Play Persona, combining Director and Joker. A Prankster is a natural practical joker - driven to lead others in merriment. For a Prankster having control of a situation is, in fact, an invitation to chaos. They love to see what will unfold when people are placed in a position that challenges their standard approaches to life - but always in a friendly way, with a smile. Life is never quiet or steady with a Prankster around, but nor is it boring.
array(4) { [0]=> string(9) "Crossfit " [1]=> string(29) "Practical jokes with friends " [2]=> string(7) "Cooking" [3]=> string(19) "Group games-dancing" }

Choreography Setting up physical sports Leading hikes Coaching sports teams or individuals

A Choreographer is a Type-Two Play Persona, combining Director and Kinesthete. A Choreographer likes to lead others in movement - dance, sport, martial arts, etc. Their drive to provide these opportunities is driven by their love of movement - rather than, say, a desire to compete or see others do so. Choreographers make great coaches, but they must make sure they get to experience movement themselves, rather than just enabling it for others.

Leading book groups / writing groups Starting a campfire storytelling circle Setting up short-story competitions Compering open mic nights

A Dramatist is a Type-Two Play Persona, combining Director and Storyteller. Never happier than when helping others to tell their stories, Dramatists often lead from the front, but know when to quieten down and let others take centre-stage. Conversely, Dramatists may be drawn to the tales of great leaders, and exult those they see as having supported others in their successes.
array(2) { [0]=> string(7) "Cooking" [1]=> string(13) "hide and seek" }

Trying new things Finger-painting Random craft classes Science experiments Cooking new recipes Inventing new recipes

An Experimenter is a Type-Two Play Persona, combining Explorer and Joker. For an Experimenter play is about having a go, seeing what happens, and enjoying the consequences no matter what unfolds. They're the ones who dive right in when there's paint to be put to canvas, and delight as much as the murky messes as the grand masters. They love the new, but also the old turned upside-down and seen afresh. An Experimenter is great to have around for their ability to really test a different approach, and happy demeanour in both success and failure.

Outdoor play Socialising with friends Trying out new physical games Journeys on foot / by bike / by canoe

An Aerialist is a Type-Two Play Persona, combining Explorer and Kinesthete. An Aerialist often loves the great outdoors, moving at speed, and feeling the wind beneath their wings. They are frequently on the move - as much for the feeling of movement as to get somewhere new - but they're the perfect teacher if you need to learn to love the journey rather than simply the destination. Just try to keep up with them!
array(6) { [0]=> string(38) "Socialising with alcohol and good food" [1]=> string(12) "Outdoor play" [2]=> string(0) "" [3]=> string(28) "Hanging out with my daughter" [4]=> string(0) "" [5]=> string(0) "" }

Travel writing Having new emotional experiences Reading fantasy / science-fiction Exploration (of culture as well as geography)

A Bard is a Type-Two Play Persona, combining Explorer and Storyteller. They are on an eternal search for new experiences and stories to tell about them. For a Bard, these two things cannot be separated - the journey is the story, and the story must be about the journey. You may hear tales of fantasy from a Bard, but they will be telling you about human experience and the condition of being alive. For a Bard unless they are constantly fed new ways of seeing the world they do not feel alive - so don't be surprised if they're up and off before they've finished telling you the current tale.

Clowning Subverting the uses of physical objects Tumbling Practical joking Messing around

A Clown is a Type-Two Play Persona, combining Joker and Kinesthete. Watch the Clown as they tumble, because they can be the most blessed of play personas, as everywhere is a playground for them. A chair is, for a Clown, a prop for gymnastics, a boat to sail upon, an opportunity for slapstick. They love the physical, especially where the world around them is ripe for mirth and happenstance. Clowns love their connection to the earth beneath their feet, but wear gravity lightly, as if able to shake it off at a moment's notice.
array(13) { [0]=> string(1) "." [1]=> string(13) "Tree climbing" [2]=> string(14) "Kicking leaves" [3]=> string(14) "Kicking leaves" [4]=> string(14) "Kicking leaves" [5]=> string(14) "Kicking leaves" [6]=> string(14) "Kicking leaves" [7]=> string(14) "Kicking leaves" [8]=> string(14) "Kicking leaves" [9]=> string(14) "Kicking leaves" [10]=> string(14) "Kicking leaves" [11]=> string(14) "Kicking leaves" [12]=> string(14) "hide and seek " }

Telling jokes Shaggy dog stories Witty banter Fancy-dress parties Jigsaws

A Comedian is a Type-Two Play Persona, combining Joker and Storyteller. Just as you'd expect, a Comedian is a great person to have around. Witty and eager to share, they're frequently the life of the party. Beware, though, of underestimating the Comedian - their levity might well hide a desire to share their truth about the world, and to question the status quo. If you're a Comedian remember to stop and check whether what you're saying really is just a bit of fun - or whether something much more serious lurks underneath the surface. Just don't tone down the funny - everyone loves it!
array(3) { [0]=> string(7) "Jigsaws" [1]=> string(90) "Playful word play, dressing up, being ridiculous and laughing together, spontaneous improv" [2]=> string(90) "Playful word play, dressing up, being ridiculous and laughing together, spontaneous improv" }

Dance Sports writing Mime Creating a journey stick

A Dancer is a Type-Two Play Persona, combining Kinesthete and Storyteller. A Dancer uses their body to tell you about the world. They see all movement as change, a step in a wider narrative, intimate or grand. Watch what a Dancer says with their body, because they feel truths in the pressure on their skin that others miss only using their eyes and ears. They may also love to speak of physical experiences they've had, interpreting and retelling what others might only hold onto for a particular moment in time.
array(1) { [0]=> string(9) "Roundball" }

Multiple hobbies Bringing together disparate interests Exhibiting art Participating in a festival of poetry

An Event-Creator is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Artist, Collector and Competitor. An Event-Creator might have eclectic interests, loving everything from painting to sports to stamp-collecting. Where an Event-Creator is able to bring together multiple of these interests they are particularly happy - putting together art exhibitions, or setting up a festival of sports or poetry. With so many interests, they're great to have around - and they'll always be thinking about the next way to make play happen!

Organising collections for others (e.g. in a gallery) Leading research and/or sponsoring it Gathering together categories of items into one place

A Curator is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Artist, Collector and Director. A Curator loves to set up fun for his friends or others, bringing together the best creative works - and maybe making one of two of their own. You'll see a strong urge to share in the Curator - who likes to arrange collections for others to enjoy, more than going out to find the items themselves, or selecting particular ones to tell a narrative. Completeness is important for a Curator, so if you're around one you may need to find your own focus.
array(3) { [0]=> string(9) "Football " [1]=> string(4) "LARP" [2]=> string(7) "Singing" }

Immersive theatre Extreme dining Travel to exotic, beautiful locations Making new, experimental objects

An Experiencer is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Artist, Collector and Explorer. For an Experiencer life is all about the discovery of the new and the different. Whether it's new forms of art or strange, challenging foods, an Experiencer seeks out that which others might well shy away from. For many, they go too far, and try things that most would avoid. If you dare, though, follow them, and you're sure to have a time like you've never had before!

Mad Scientist
Science experiments Researching oddball questions Creating challenging, strange artworks

A Mad Scientist is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Artist, Collector and Joker. What is the world for the Mad Scientist but one long, hilarious experiment? They love to test: how the world is; how to describe it; what are its boundaries or constraints; what is funny; what are the properties of the world and how can we manipulate them. If it seems like the Mad Scientist doesn't have a grasp on reality it's simply because they don't accept things as they are, but like to find ways around it, whether through reinterpretation, or turning things upside down.
array(2) { [0]=> string(5) "Music" [1]=> string(10) "Organizing" }

Gardening Cataloguing Close-drawing Photography Bird-spotting Nature walks

A Botanist is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Artist, Collector and Kinesthete. A Botanist loves the wild world out there. Never happier than when physically out in nature, they're likely to be taking specimens, drawing them, and identifying their favourite colours. Natural gardeners, a Botanist puts in the graft but also enjoys having a beautiful place to be when its ready. They're unlikely to settle for a single favourite orchid, much preferring as much variety and abundance as possible.

Sports commentary Writing zines Street art Editing magazines

A Commentator is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Artist, Collector and Storyteller. A Commentator has something to say about the state of things - and says it. Bringing together creative, narrative responses to the world around them, they love to share, and love hearing other people sharing their thoughts too. Commentators are great to have around for their perspicuous insights and ability to express their views.
array(2) { [0]=> string(15) "Building blocks" [1]=> string(9) "soft ball" }

Setting up art competitions Judging Building creative ventures Leading a team construction Raft-making and racing

An Impresario is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Artist, Competitor and Director. An Impresario is a creative leader. With a drive to reach the top, they sponsor, lead, manage, engender, and in every way chivvy others into showing their artistic side in the world. This could be shown in putting together theatrical shows; leading an architecture studio; being a building foreman; launching a circus festival. When they can sit back, and see the job of others (and know that everyone is aware of the Impresario's part) they are truly happy.
array(1) { [0]=> string(13) "Playing Games" }

Cabaret Artiste
Cabaret performance Poetry competitions Musical competitions Surrealist art - pushed to extremes

A Cabaret Artiste is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Artist, Competitor and Explorer. A Cabaret Artiste loves to push the bounds of what is considered to be - or to be acceptable as - creative endeavours, and thrives in an environment where an element of competition between themselves and others stretches this even further. Sometimes they can seem extreme in their behaviour - and challenging them will only increase this - so meet them on their terms, and don't be afraid: the world they can show you will be exciting, novel... and often beyond how you might like to live.

Graffiti art Comedy slams Nonsense poetry Whole-body painting

A Punk is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Artist, Competitor and Joker. A Punk is the classic rebel. Creative, funny, and enjoying challenging anything and everything put in front of them, they can sometimes feel acerbic and a little tough to be around. Enjoy their frivolity and madcap sensibility and you'll see things differently. Nothing is serious - or sacred - for the Punk, and that makes anything - and anyone - fair game.

Dance in front of audiences High-level, elegant sport Martial arts Extreme sports

A Performer is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Artist, Competitor and Kinesthete. A Performer loves to be seen moving - and wants to do so better than anyone else around. They might aim to be top-notch dancers, or sports people with an emphasis on looking as well as playing well. They can hog the limelight - and are frequently larger-than-life - so there can be no getting away from their acts. They love to pick up accolades, so if you're around a Performer watch, enjoy, and let them know.

Making YouTube videos Recording and sharing podcasts Fronting spiritual groups Competitive dance

A Broadcaster is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Artist, Competitor and Storyteller. They have a story to tell, and want the whole world to hear it. Broadcasters don't do small-scale - for them their unique way of seeing the world needs to be shared (it's better than everyone else's, you see!) so they will find a platform to share it from. Beware: cult leaders might well be Broadcasters, challenging the status quo with a good story, and reeling people in. Listen carefully to the words you hear from them, but remember it's just their tale, no matter how well-told.
array(3) { [0]=> string(5) "Dance" [1]=> string(5) "Dance" [2]=> string(5) "Dance" }

Cooking Setting up artistic jokes Leading others in creative mischief

A Chef is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Artist, Director and Joker. Look closely and you'll see that the Chef is a rare combination: a creative, a leader and a rebel. They love to whip up a storm, making things that are aesthetically pleasing, but also a bit different from what you might expect. In their kitchen, the Chef rules - and whilst people follow, it doesn't mean they have no way of expressing their creativity or sense of mischief themselves. Beware the over-zealous Chef, though, who leads people to chaos as an act of rebellion!
array(1) { [0]=> string(5) "Chess" }

Leading dances Supporting self-expression Putting together sound and light shows Dancing

A Piper is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Artist, Director and Kinesthete. Like the famous Pied Piper, they can lead people astray - off on a fantasy mission into the jungle or the desert. But a Piper loves to dance and sing as much as they love to lead others in doing so - and is looking to help others to find their expressive moves when they instigate the adventures they set up. Follow the Piper and you'll never be without an exciting leader - just make sure that you really want to follow however far they go!
array(1) { [0]=> string(7) "Dancing" }

Gardening Evangelising Raising animals Breeding new animals

A Gardener is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Artist, Director and Storyteller. They love to bring together others to create vast, beautiful narratives. For them, the story of the world is one of all mankind's creative expression, so they see science and medicine as enablers to that end. A Gardener likes to raise their plants - or their flock - to follow them, so beware their tendency toward control and evangelism. It's easy to get swept up in the Gardener's story!
array(1) { [0]=> string(8) "coloring" }

Contemporary circus Imaginary treasure hunt Nonsense poetry Surreal art

A Madman is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Artist, Explorer and Joker. A Madman challenges everything about the world they find themselves in. Through creativity or art, through wit or satire, through exploration and discovery, they love to look beneath the hood, upside down or round the corner. To the external observer a Madman might seem, well, mad, but it's just that they aren't fully understood. Sometimes their schemes really are off the wall, but stick around them and you might just find your worldview revolutionised yourself!
array(13) { [0]=> string(10) "Boardgames" [1]=> string(10) "Boardgames" [2]=> string(10) "Plasticine" [3]=> string(10) "Plasticine" [4]=> string(7) "Wanking" [5]=> string(7) "Kissing" [6]=> string(18) "Dancing in puddles" [7]=> string(7) "Drawing" [8]=> string(7) "dancing" [9]=> string(32) "Fun at the beach or on the water" [10]=> string(27) "The beach and on the water " [11]=> string(23) "making play experiences" [12]=> string(23) "making play experiences" }

Creating kinetic sculptures Martial arts Inventing new forms of expression

A Composer is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Artist, Explorer and Kinesthete. When you see the Composer at work you'll probably see a blizzard of activity. They love to express themselves, to see the world, and to move - frequently all at the same time. For a Composer they never feel more connected, or more at play, than when they're observing and reflecting their view of the world. This usually takes a dynamic, physical form. They may be creating wind-powered sculptures or creating new forms of dance: with a Composer the medium may well be as important as the message.
array(1) { [0]=> string(10) "ugly faces" }

(Over-)sharing Telling stories of creative adventure Making evocative experiences Uncovering secrets Ghost-hunting Exploring mysteries

A Revealer is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Artist, Explorer and Storyteller. One of the personas that most wears their heart on their sleeve, the Revealer is on a journey exploring the world, and sharing what they find. The whole world for them is an unfolding story, and one that we all co-create as we live in it. Some find Revealers a little bit 'woo-woo', but embrace them and they'll help you see the world in a whole new light.
array(9) { [0]=> string(26) "Chatting and telling jokes" [1]=> string(0) "" [2]=> string(52) "Drinking While Playing Intense Games with Easy Rules" [3]=> string(10) "Basketball" [4]=> string(3) "Ps4" [5]=> string(13) "Story telling" [6]=> string(14) "Playing games " [7]=> string(8) "Beadwork" [8]=> string(8) "Beadwork" }

Sculpture Escape rooms Clowning Papier mache

A Voyager is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Artist, Joker and Kinesthete. A Voyager likes to move in the weird and the wonderful. They make strange and wonderful creations, often repurposing physical materials in unexpected ways. With a Voyager around, nothing is ever quite what it seems, so look around, test your footing, and be ready for mystery and wonder.
array(3) { [0]=> string(9) "Explorer " [1]=> string(12) "Storyteller " [2]=> string(22) "Something in the water" }

Telling nonsense tales Shaggy dog stories Comic books Making amusing tableaux

A Mirth-Maker is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Artist, Joker and Storyteller. A Mirth-Maker loves to bring humour into the world, through art, telling stories, setting in motion unexpected events. For the Mirth-Maker the world is a stage for play, and they're never happier than when seeing what some unusual creation looks like or how a madcap scheme might turn out. With a Mirth-Maker around, you're in for a fun, zany time.
array(6) { [0]=> string(10) "Everything" [1]=> string(10) "Everything" [2]=> string(10) "Everything" [3]=> string(10) "Everything" [4]=> string(11) "Urban games" [5]=> string(12) "Escape rooms" }

Sculpture Pottery Dance Writing graphic novels Walking / journeying

A Sculptor is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Artist, Kinesthete and Storyteller. A Sculptor tells stories through physical creativity. While that may be in the form of three-dimensional art, it might also be dance, or other sporting endeavours. To a Sculptor a game is more about self-expression than competition and they'll certainly be the one advocating for a fair, fun experience over winning or losing.
array(3) { [0]=> string(7) "walking" [1]=> string(36) "telling and playing stories, dancing" [2]=> string(6) "travel" }

Bringing people together Organising Making sports events happen Organising daily sporting activities

A Compiler is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Collector, Competitor and Director. For a Compiler a list is a powerful thing. They love to collect - sets of objects, competitive records, followers. They love to organise others, and might be happy putting together a race, or getting people to gamble on it. A Compiler wants to be the best, and when they're part of your team that can be a powerful instinct, though take care they don't dominate too much!
array(1) { [0]=> string(6) "soccer" }

Gambling Risk-taking Extreme sports Anything new

A Gambler is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Collector, Competitor and Explorer. A Gambler loves risk. They want to try new things, tick off a list of new activities and do so faster or better than the rest. A Gambler is unlikely to want to do the same activity as they did yesterday - for them every new day is an opportunity to try something new. Don't try to keep up with a Gambler - it will only spur them to try harder or bigger or better than ever.
array(1) { [0]=> string(11) "Video games" }

Satire Collecting practical jokes Taking the mickey Speaking truth to power

A Pamphleteer is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Collector, Competitor and Joker. A Pamphleteer collects and compiles rebellion, always with a smile. They're the one spear-heading the humiliation of their enemies, knowing that destroying someone's reputation is a better way of bringing down Goliath than fighting head-on. A great person to have in your team, try to avoid getting on the sharp end of their invective, and you'll remain an audience-member rather than the subject of their jokes.

Multi-sports events Whatever physical activity is available Completing 'sets' - e.g. Three Peaks challenge

A Sportsman is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Collector, Competitor and Kinesthete. A Sportsman is the active all-rounded, who love any form of exercise, competition or challenge. For the Sportsman it's not usually just about beating other people, nor about maintaining an unbroken chain of success, nor the joy of physical movement - but all three. They love every aspect of getting into a game, and are great people to have around because they really get into it!

Using the latest-and-greatest gadget Virtual Reality Sports commentary Social-climbing Enjoying the high life

An Influencer is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Collector, Competitor and Storyteller. You know an Influencer: they're the one who's always sporting the latest expensive gadget - which was given to them by the manufacturer because 'they wanted to get their feedback'. Influencers collect experiences or things, and tell the world about them like nobody else. This can on occasion be overbearing - or just plain envy-inducing - but they're also generous and share these experiences where they can!

Setting up treasure hunts Leading magic rituals Categorising and sorting

A Mystic is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Collector, Director and Explorer. A Mystic goes beyond: seeking control of the unknown, with an open mind about how to achieve this aim. A Mystic is rigorous in their search for wonders both literal and metaphorical, and may be as happy setting up an treasure hunt as they are when reading about the exotic or esoteric. A mystery for a Mystic is something to be understood and categorised, but that doesn't mean they fail to see the magic in it.

Transforming things by bringing them together Bringing together groups in amusing ways Dinner parties (with diverse invitees) Comedy compering Organising chaos

An Alchemist is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Collector, Director and Joker. An Alchemist is a funny sort. Leading the bringing together of sets of things, which can seem a serious, dry endeavour, but they aren't serious, and what looks like a collection might actually be chaos. They like to turn things upside down, revealing the hidden magic is people around them. They'd love to tell you how to follow a particular recipe - but beware, the end result might not look quite how you pictured it!
array(2) { [0]=> string(9) "? No idea" [1]=> string(4) "Clay" }

Yoga instruction Collecting games and sharing them Leading sports teams Daily exercise

A Yogi is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Collector, Director and Kinesthete. A Yogi brings together and shares movements with their followers. They love to stretch, to dance, to play sports... but they're equally at home giving others the opportunity to do so. You'll know a Yogi amongst your friends, because they're the one who has a game for every occasion, a stretch for every ache, and knows exactly which part of your body and spirit every asana is good for!

Reading voraciously Sharing book recommendations Organising poetry collections

A Librarian is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Collector, Director and Storyteller. The Librarian knows every story, and can tell you where it fits. They prescribe tales like a doctor prescribes medicine - so if you have a need for information about worlds literal or metaphorical the Librarian will point you in the right direction. Librarians are often voracious readers, either eclectically or eagerly devouring every book in a particular category - and more likely than not they'll show you how well-read they are!
array(3) { [0]=> string(93) "building sandcastles or playing charades / another guessing game like articulate with friends" [1]=> string(4) "Test" [2]=> string(4) "Test" }

Collecting unusual jokes Bringing together the exotic elements of humour Pulling together edgy chaos

A Humorist is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Collector, Explorer and Joker. A Humorist will stop at nothing to find the funny. Whether that's collecting jokes - and sharing them with whoever will listen - or organising elaborate capers, you'll know one is around by the laughter when they're nearby. Not that it will necessarily be raucous laughter - it might be the nervous laugh of someone on the edge of sanity. Often, however, the Humorist will bring together all the elements for chaos and joy and hilarity, and you'll be amazed at the lengths they've gone to to bring out the irreverent.
array(2) { [0]=> string(9) "Hopscotch" [1]=> string(6) "Crafts" }

Mushroom-hunting Antiques market exploration Trying multiple physical activities Invoking rituals

A Conjuror is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Collector, Explorer and Kinesthete. The Conjuror loves the unusual. Their urge to explore and connect is modified by their kinesthetic enjoyment of the physical. They might enjoy exploring how they can use their body - in yoga or dance, for example - as well as going out into the world to find things. You might find a Conjuror hunting the forest for ingredients, or searching through antiques markets for crystal balls. Or equally, much more down-to-Earth activities, as long as they're a little off the beaten track!
array(4) { [0]=> string(8) "Teaching" [1]=> string(22) "Building fires outside" [2]=> string(16) "i don't have one" [3]=> string(5) "dolls" }

Telling sagas Travelling in the footsteps of other cultures Experimental dining experiences Treasure hunts

A Epicist is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Collector, Explorer and Storyteller. There's no end to the stories that an Epicist can tell, bringing together as they do the combined wisdom of many different people's and cultures. An Epicist is likely to view the whole of life, and potentially reality itself, as the raw material of an enchanting tale. Sit and listen to the fantasies, and be whisked away into other worlds.
array(3) { [0]=> string(13) "treasure hunt" [1]=> string(6) "Gaming" [2]=> string(6) "Gaming" }

Practical joking Tumbling Slapstick Clowning

A Slapstick-Maker is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Collector, Joker and Kinesthete. A Slapstick-Maker's body is there for amusement's sake. In fact, that's how they view the whole world. Enjoying tumbling and bumbling, they gather all the different ways to make physical fun - and might easily express this in practical joking or experimentation. You'll love having a Slapstick-Maker around, just be on the lookout for a whoopie cushion before you sit down!

Creating puzzles Crosswords Comic books Satire Fantasy / Science-Fiction

A Puzzler is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Collector, Joker and Storyteller. Don't be confused - that's exactly what the Puzzler wants! - a Puzzler loves to bemuse and outwit, but all in aid of leading you down the garden path and getting you to really look at the flowers. They see their role to tell you about the world, through wit and well-organised challenges. Sit down with a Puzzler and you'll learn lots. They won't make it easy for you, but it will be a fun ride!
array(2) { [0]=> string(21) "Board and team games." [1]=> string(6) "Acting" }

Dancing Collecting stories Amassing experiences Sharing their physical feelings

An Evoker is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Collector, Kinesthete and Storyteller. An Evoker gathers experiences - whether stories or physical activities - and loves to have a go at them all. With an eclectic array of things they enjoy, sometimes Evokers can seem a little disconnected. It's probably just that they are storing up memories - and ones that might as likely be about the texture of the carpet or the feel of the heat against their skin as about events as they occur. Bear with an Evoker and they'll show you something profound.
array(3) { [0]=> string(7) "Cooking" [1]=> string(7) "Cycling" [2]=> string(4) "Quiz" }

Exotic travel Science-fiction / Fantasy Trying new experiences Trying new cuisine Leading expeditions

A Thrill-Seeker is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Competitor, Director and Explorer. That person you can see disappearing around the corner, on the search for something new - that's the Thrill-Seeker. For them, if it isn't a new experience, that nobody else has done, it's hardly worth bothering with. Natural leaders, Thrill-Seekers push things further than you might like to go. But being the first (or second) follower to a Thrill-Seeker is guaranteed to give you an exciting and revelatory time.

Creating chaos Leading protests Satirical pranks Playing devil's advocate

An Anarchist is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Competitor, Director and Joker. Nothing is sacred to the Anarchist, who loves nothing more than challenging the status-quo. They are ahead and better and funnier than the world, and consider accepting how things are to be a failure. Don't expect a quiet life with an Anarchist around, and take care not to be sucked into to something you don't want. On the other hand, they'll inspire and push you to explore beyond your comfort zone - and you might find you like it!

Leading dance-troupes Coaching sports Conducting musicians Organising races Setting up competitions

A Ringmaster is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Competitor, Director and Kinesthete. The Ringmaster loves to be in charge and get people dancing to their tune. Leading a dance-troupe, music-group or sports-team they'll be as invested in the win as any of the members. While at times the Ringmaster can be controlling, when they are able to relax into it they can put on a show like no other!

Cheer-leading Directing Telling stories (especially about themselves) Organising opportunities for discussion Dinner parties

A Boaster is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Competitor, Director and Storyteller. A Boaster thinks they're great - and lets you know it. That doesn't, of course, mean they aren't, and many are great leaders who achieve what they set out to do with great panache. A brilliant cheer-leader to have on-side, you'll know when a Boaster thinks things are going the right way and when they're not. And you'll find them engaging either way.

Practical jokes Tricking people Experimentation Trying new amusements

A Revolutionary is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Competitor, Explorer and Joker. A Revolutionary loves the new and different. Always on the lookout for a different way of doing or seeing things, they highlight what's wrong and have a laugh when doing so. Driven by competition as well, they like to set themselves up in opposition to others, so they find getting a good one over on someone in a novel way the best of fun!

Orienteering Long-distance running Bikram yoga Multi-disciplinary sport Triathlon

An Orienteer is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Competitor, Explorer and Kinesthete. An Orienteer loves to find new and exciting places outdoors, that nobody has found before. They are never happier than when trying out a new sport - often the more physical the better. If there's an Orienteer around, there won't be for long - they'll be off again before you know it. Follow them, and you might find a whole new world opening up to you. Just keep them in sight, because once they're round the corner, you may never find them again!

Travel writing Going somewhere before anyone else (and telling the tale) Indulging nostalgia Sharing stories of wonder and mystery

A Revelationist is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Competitor, Explorer and Storyteller. A Revelationist loves unveiling the weird and wonderful and different. They enjoy nothing more than trying something new before everyone else - and living to tell the tale. Engaging speakers, they are the ones that grip the crowd with their stories of adventures to far-flung shores. A mystery is an itch to scratch for them, and won't last long when they have it in their sight.

Oddball racing Ironic sporting challenges Competitive clowning Practical joking

A Parachutist is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Competitor, Joker and Kinesthete. At first glance, a Parachutist might look like any other sportsperson or competitive sort. But look closer and you'll see they enjoy their exploits with a twist. Their activities often have an element of ironic or wit about them: they're the one running a marathon in a chicken costume, or pushing clowning a little bit further than their classmates. Parachutists tread a different path, and don't worry if nobody follows them.

Sending themselves up Taking the mickey Comedy slams Long-form satire

A Troll is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Competitor, Joker and Storyteller. Everything is a joke for a Troll, and they consider po-faced and over-serious anyone that is unable to laugh at themselves. For a Troll taking yourself too seriously is the biggest possible downer, and so they're constantly on the look-out for opportunities to send themselves or others up. Get on the wrong side of the Troll and you'll feel it, but seeing the world from their perspective is to hold everything a little bit lighter and less seriously.

Competitive dance Brag-worthy athletic feats Martial arts

A Ballerina is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Competitor, Kinesthete and Storyteller. A Ballerina stops at nothing to express themselves with movement. Perhaps they run long distances as a way of raising money for charity, or they do ballroom dancing competitively. Often a Ballerina is as much interested in telling their tale as in having the experience in the first place.

Science experimentation Leading expeditions Setting up elaborate practical jokes

A Maverick is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Director, Explorer and Joker. A maverick likes to do things their own way - and take others with them on the ride. They'll be at the forefront of innovation, and are great people to have around to challenge preconceived ways of doing things. They may seem a little ahead of the curve, and need reining in a little, but don't worry: they'll be off again testing the next hypothesis without stopping to mope!
array(1) { [0]=> string(15) "Being in nature" }

Leading epic expeditions Setting up experimental assault courses Managing a yoga retreat Anything that involves a mental challenge and a bit of chaos Anything with friends

An Aviator is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Director, Explorer and Kinesthete. An Aviator likes to lead people into the unknown - but to be worth the trip the journey itself must be worth it. You'll find an Aviator at the front of the pack leading an epic run around the world or paddling down the nile on self-made rafts. Inspiring and slightly unhinged in equal measure - they'll either win you round to their adventure or leave you wondering why anyone would put themselves through what they do!
array(4) { [0]=> string(60) "Anything that enjoys a mental challenge and a bit of chaos. " [1]=> string(22) "Anything with friends " [2]=> string(9) "Balancing" [3]=> string(10) "Dåseskjul" }

Organising cultural travel Guiding meditation Helping others share their experiences

A Playwright is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Director, Explorer and Storyteller. A Playwright leads others in exploration and stories. As happy delving into fantasy as retelling the tales of exotic cultures, they love to enable others to showcase narratives. Playwrights might love to travel, to experience the journey, and could be the person who organises the expedition - and loves to tell everyone about it afterwards.
array(5) { [0]=> string(18) "Art du Deplacement" [1]=> string(7) "Parkour" [2]=> string(22) "improv and Nordic Larp" [3]=> string(6) "improv" [4]=> string(41) "Sharing coffees and films with my husband" }

Playing with fire Demolition Jenga Building shelters Sleeping under the stars

An Arsonist is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Director, Joker and Kinesthete. If you love tearing down walls, possibly metaphorically but also very much literally, you could be an Arsonist. They love to help others make a bit of physical mischief, and see 'No entry' signs as an invitation to go in. On occasion Arsonists can come across as extreme and abrasive, but you should be glad of their instinct to put their bodies into the action and stand up for their belief that we shouldn't simply accept the world how it is.
array(1) { [0]=> string(7) "Dancing" }

Shaggy dog stories Narrative pranks Directing comedies Long-running practical jokes

A Conman is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Director, Joker and Storyteller. Don't be put off by the name: the Conman has lots to be said for them. They love to enjoy a bit of control, and have a way with words to get others to follow where they lead. But for a Conman the truth should never get in the way of a good story, and a story is there to make an audience smile. Fun to have around, just don't get carried away by their flights of fancy.
array(3) { [0]=> string(8) "Football" [1]=> string(9) "Adventure" [2]=> string(4) "Golf" }

Leading dance troupe Physical theatre director Swim team coach

A Ballet-Master is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Director, Kinesthete and Storyteller. The leader of a dance troupe or the head of a physical theatre company are all about telling stories through movement. Get behind them, and you'll learn a whole new way of expressing yourself without words. Ballet-Masters can be a contemplative play persona to have, but listen carefully because when they express themselves they're full of wisdom.
array(5) { [0]=> string(13) "Beach walking" [1]=> string(13) "Beach walking" [2]=> string(13) "Beach walking" [3]=> string(13) "Beach walking" [4]=> string(10) "Bouldering" }

Making fireworks Physical theatre Circus performance Oddball travel

A Pyrotechnician is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Explorer, Joker and Kinesthete. Loving all kinds of fireworks, real or metaphorical, a Pyrotechnician sets up situations that will impress and dazzle all around. Always on the lookout for a fun way of getting out into the wild world outside, they will search out the perfect new way of doing things differently. They love the unusual, the novel, and the physical. You might see crazy challenges, and a twinkle in the eye, when a Pyrotechnician is around!

Science experiments Star-gazing Relating shaggy-dog stories

An Astronomer is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Explorer, Joker and Storyteller. An Astronomer loves an adventure - as much for the japes and the retelling as for the discovery of the new. They tend to be up for any new experience, and will often be the one to wittily relate the highs and lows to those who haven't yet undertaken the activity. Be sure to remind an astronomer to actually pay attention to their own experience of it, before it's over.
array(7) { [0]=> string(1) "x" [1]=> string(29) "Explorations and group games " [2]=> string(29) "Explorations and group games " [3]=> string(29) "Explorations and group games " [4]=> string(5) "Dance" [5]=> string(6) "dance " [6]=> string(14) "Play with lego" }

Travel Imaginative storytelling Guided meditation Experimental art

A Mover is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Explorer, Kinesthete and Storyteller. A Mover loves to... well, move. Move themselves. Move others. Move to exotic climbs. They love to explore, with their body, and with stories. Play for a Mover is all about imagination - and they'll take you on flights of fancy and travel themselves into other imaginary worlds. They love coming close to this in the real world, of course, loving travel and physical movement as well.
array(2) { [0]=> string(15) "Making up games" [1]=> string(12) "Playing ;-) " }

Physical theatre Slapstick Tumbling Satirical action

A Mime is a Type-Three Play Persona, combining Joker, Kinesthete and Storyteller. A Mime wants to make you laugh... without words! They love to move and see sports as a narrative saga, filled with moments to excitement and mirth. Frequently graceful and effortless, a Mime can draw their audience in. Go with the Mime, run with them, laugh with them, and you'll be rewarded with an experience and a journey that you'll never forget.
array(1) { [0]=> string(7) "Drawing" }


A Generalist enjoys playing using many different play personas. You should look at your tailored report for suggestions of play activities to enjoy!

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